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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Med-Repair believe that strong customer service is an essential ingredient to
having completely satisfied customers. Providing answers to your questions in a
timely fashion is a very important part of meeting this objective. Below is a
list of frequently asked questions and we hope that one of these questions
addresses your concern and provides you with the answers that you need. However,
if you cannot find the answer to your concern here please contact our Support Center and ask us your
question directly. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Table of Contents

General Questions about Med-Repair and its services

General Questions about Med-Repair and its services


Q: How do I contact Med-Repair with a question?

A: If your question does not appear on the FAQ page, please visit our Contact Page
and ask your question there.


Q: Do you sale(used/pre-owned) Stryker Imaging Equipment?

A: Please check our daily updated Online Store at: www.med-repair.com/sales


Q: How long it takes to complete the repair?

A: We provide a fast turn around(1-2 days), if some parts need to be ordered the repair process can take a little longer. Loaners are available upon request.


Q: Why is important to email us the tracking no.?

A: Emailing the tracking no. of the package, will let us know the fact a customer is sending equipment for repair and when to expect the package.


Q: How long it takes to receive the free estimate?

A: If the package is received before 1pm will send you the free estimate the same day, in some rare cases(parts availability) it may take a little longer.


Q: Why don’t you provide flat rate repairs?

A: Every repair is different, some require less work, some require a lot of parts, etc. We
think is fair charging our customers for exact labor and parts required.


Q: Do you provide Warranty for repairs?

A: We provide 90 days warranty for the all our repairs.


Q: Do you accept Credit cards Payments?

A: We accept secured Credit cards Payments(thru PayPal) and PayPal transfers. We will not store our customers Credit card
information's, the payment will be made directly on PayPal website.


Q: How I pay the Shipping back of the equipment, can I use my account?

A: We prefer to use our customers Shipping accounts(the Shipping method will be
communicated together with the approval).