Med-Repair offers repair solutions for Stryker medical imaging equipment, including
surgical cameras, couplers, consoles and light sources for the following models:

Stryker 1188 HD (cameras, consoles and couplers)
Stryker 1188 HD (cameras, consoles and couplers)
Stryker 1088 HD (cameras, consoles and couplers)
Stryker 988 (cameras, consoles and couplers)
Stryker 888 (cameras, consoles and couplers)
Stryker 882 (cameras, consoles and couplers)
Stryker X8000, X7000, X6000 (light sources)
tryker SDC, SDC-HD, SDC-Ultra (digital capture systems)

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Before any work is performed, you will be contacted to review the estimated
The repair estimate may be communicated via phone, fax or email.
All repairs are quoted based on parts and/or labor required. To assure
that you’re only charged for the actual repairs required, Med-Repair
does not offer a flat rate for repairs.

We warranty each repaired unit for a period of 90 days.
Our turn-around time is 24 to 72 hour in most of the cases, and Rush Service
is available upon request.

All Medical equipment are repaired by our Trained Technicians at
Component level to reduce cost, offering the most competitive prices in
the medical repair industry.

Our customer service representatives are here to make your repair
experience faster and more convenient. If you have any questions about
our services or would like to offer suggestions, please call our
customer service center at 1.773.922.1500 ext. 0#.